How? When? What?


When can I start my meal plan?

At the checkout page, you will be able to select a start date to begin receiving your meals. You may choose to start on any of our delivery days as long as you are not within the 48 hour cut off window for the next delivery day. Our delivery days are three times a week : Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

What happens after I sign up?

You will receive a welcome text and email confirmation shortly after placing your order.


The number that you will receive a text message from may be saved as this is our direct customer service number! The email confirmation will explain how our service works and will state our policies and procedures.

How may I get in touch with someone in regards to signing up?

For any questions about signing up or questions about your account, please feel free to email us at support@jetfuelmeals.com  or you may give us a call or send a text to 954-945-9484 .

How does this work?

During the SIGN-UP process, you will have the option to select your start date. We deliver every Monday, Wednesday and Friday by 6:30am. At the checkout page, you will be able to select a start date according to our delivery days.  After signing up for a meal plan, you will have the option exclude any allergies and/or dislikes .


Our meals are delivered in an insulated bag with ice packs to ensure proper and safe delivery. Our meal plans automatically renew once a week just for convenience purposes. you may cancel and even hold your account at anytime with no additional fees

How does billing work?

Billing can either take place once a week or once a MONTH. Once you have an active subscription with us, payments will automatically renew accordingly. You may cancel your account at anytime with no additional charges as long as you notify us with 48 hour notice.

If you select Monday as your start date for the meals, your account will renew every Friday.

If you select Wednesday as your start date for the meals, your account will renew every Sunday.

If you select Friday as your start date for the meals, your account will renew every Tuesday.

How can I get started?

Simply click here to get started or give one of our sales specialists a call at 954-945-9485

Do you have a referral program?

Guess what? Anytime you refer a friend or a co-worker, you will receive $40.00 OFF of your next order! We do not have any limitations on this so you may refer as many people as you like and you will receive a credit of $40.00 every time! 


Make sure your friend mentions your name or you may send our customer support team a text saying that a friend of yours signed up and simply provide their name. You may reach our support team at 954-945-9484 .


Where do you deliver?

In Florida, we currently deliver to Miami-Dade County, Broward County, Palm Beach County, Orlando, Tampa, Lakeland and Jacksonville. In New York and New Jersey, we currently deliver to Eastern New Jersey and New York City and suburbs.

When do you deliver?

We deliver three times a week to ensure your meals are always fresh!


For Florida, our normal delivery times take place Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 12 AM to 6:30 AM


For New York & New Jersey, our normal delivery times take place Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday from 5pm to 11pm.


Meals are delivered in insulated bags with ice pack. This delivery time frame ensures that you will have your meals first thing in the morning when you wake up and leave to work! 


Later delivery times may be requested depending on your area! Please reach out to our support team at 954-945-9484 for more information regarding our later delivery time frames.

What if I live in a gated community ?

If you live in a gated community, please make sure to do the following to ensure the proper delivery:


  1. Add Jet Fuel Meals to your guest list
  2. Provide us a direct access code to enter your community
  3. Provide us a key fob or gate clicker to enter. In this situation, we will be more than happy to work with you and credit your account a portion or all of the cost to acquire a new key or clicker.
What if I didn’t receive my delivery?

If you did not receive your delivery please call or text our customer support at 954-945-9484. You may also email us at support@jetfuelmeals.com

Not receiving a delivery may arise from a variety of reasons. Failed payments, hold placed on account, unable to access your address, or gate code not working are just a few reasons why you may have missed your delivery. 


My delivery came with a broken ice pack.

Our ice packs are made with biodegradable material and may break from time to time.  If you see that the ice pack is broken and spilled over your meals, please ensure that the actual gel did not penetrate into your meal containers. Our meal containers seal extremely well and are leak proof, however, please use your best  judgment when assessing the situation.  Do not worry about returning broken ice packs, you may simply dispose of them.  

I live in an apartment building, can you deliver?

Of course!


If your building has a front desk, please make sure to make them aware of the delivery and the time we will be coming. Make sure we are put on your guest list so your driver will be able to deliver with ease. 


If your building has a call box or requires a key fob to enter, please provide to us either the code or the key fob to grant your driver access. Depending on the situation, we will be more than happy to work with you and credit your account a portion if not all of the cost to acquire a new key fob!

How are my meals delivered?

Meals are delivered in an insulated bag with ice packs included.  

Do I keep my insulated bag and ice that comes with each delivery?

No. Please remember to leave your bags and ice packs outside for the following delivery to prevent any fees. We recycle and reuse our delivery bags and ice packs so please make sure to assist us in this.

Managing your account

How do I reactivate my old account?

You may reactivate at anytime directly from your account page.

How do i make an edit to my account?

All edits to your meal plan can be done from your account page after signing in. You may log into your account page by clicking this link.

How do I freeze my subscription for a week?

After logging into your account page, you will have the ability to edit, pause, resume or cancel your meal plan.

How do I cancel?

You may cancel at anytime directly from your account page.

How can I access my account?

You can log into your account with the associated email and password you created at the checkout page HERE.

Meal Plans: Options & Flexibility

What if i have dislikes or allergies?

All meal plans have the option to exclude items for dietary needs.

Is it the same menu every week?

No! We have a 16 week rotating menu, which means for 4 straight months, you will not receive the same meals unless it is a fan favorite! Talk about variety.

Do you offer any snacks/addons?

Yes we do! We have a variety of snacks and cold-pressed juices that you may include with your meal plan.  You will have the ability to add these options during the sign up process.

Can I pick my meals?

When you sign up, you have the flexibility to specify ingredients or meals you’d like to exclude. Additionally, you can substitute meals on the current menu with any options from our substitute list. This ensures that you’ll always enjoy meals that suit your tastes and dietary needs, making your meal planning even more convenient.


After signing up, you will be allowed to select anything that you would not like to receive. If there is something that you excluded in the upcoming menu, it will be replaced with another item that is not on your exclusion list unless you select to replace that specific meal with one from our substitution list. 

About the meal plans

We have a variety of meal plans aimed towards different needs and goals. Whether you aim to loose weight, gain weight, keep pescatarian or plant-based diet, we have great options for you. What’s more, our ingredients are always fresh and locally sourced!

The Meals

How long do the meals last ?

Our meals are fresh, all natural, free from preservatives and never frozen! Depending on the meal, they may last 3-5 days in the refrigerator and may be put in the freezer, if you like. 

How do I reheat my meals?

We recommend to reheat meals for 2-3 minutes in the microwave. However, this is a recommendation and may vary amongst microwaves.

Do the meals come with nutritional information?

Yes they do! The estimated nutritional facts can be found on the meal label.

Are Jet Fuel Meals low in sodium?

Yes indeed! Our chefs only use a conservative amount of natural Kosher salt. 

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