Fresh paleo food delivery (Calories 610 kcal) Florida, NY & New Jersey

Fresh paleo food delivery (Calories 610 kcal) Florida, NY & New Jersey

The paleo diet aims to replicate the food that prehistoric humans who hunted and farmed ate. 

Researchers think that their diets likely included complete foods. Yet, it’s impossible to know exactly what human predecessors consumed in various parts of the world.

Hunter-gatherers probably had a lower incidence of lifestyle diseases. Likewise obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. The reason is that they lived an active lifestyle and ate a diet high in nutritious foods.

In reality, following this diet can result in large weight loss and health advantages. In this case, losing weight can happen even without counting calories. That’s what research has shown.

Moreover, anthropologists think that the paleo diet may have contributed to alterations in human anatomy and physiology. Such as an expansion of the brain and a shrinkage of the gastrointestinal tract.

Meal plans for the paleo diet 

Paleolithic humans prospered on a variety of diets. Based on what was accessible and where they lived at the time.

Some people followed a low-carb diet heavy in animal foods. Whereas others ate a high-carb diet heavy in plant foods. Some even indulged in the delicacy of eating insects. But thankfully, this meal is not included in the paleo diet as it is currently understood in modern times.

Meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds. Also, herbs, spices, good fats, and oil are all permitted on the paleo diet.

Processed meals, sugar, soft drinks, artificial sweeteners, and Trans fats are among the things to stay away from. Grain goods, the majority of dairy products, and legumes are foods to avoid.

It’s crucial to remember that this advice is only intended to serve as a broad guideline. You can change everything to suit your preferences and needs.

What to eat on a paleo diet?

Fruits, vegetables, eggs, fish, nuts, seeds, and seafood

What to avoid when going on a paleo diet?

Dairy roducts

Many grains, including wheat, oats, and barley

No Trans fats

Lentils, peas, and other legumes like beans

Distilled sugar

Nutritional concerns

The absence of legumes and entire grains on paleo diets is the main cause for concern. Fiber, vitamins, proteins, and other nutrients are all found in these foods in reasonable amounts. Moreover, low-fat dairy products are a great source of calcium, vitamins and other nutrients. Being on a paleolithic diet runs the danger of leaving out some essential elements.

Compared to foods like wild game, grass-fed meat, and nuts, whole grains, legumes, and dairy are cheaper and readily available. A paleolithic diet might be out of reach for some people. Or the price of some paleo foods can cause someone to consume fewer of some vital nutrients.

Paleo diet dangers are unknown over the long run. Data from many studies revealed that the Mediterranean diet was the only one that offered so many advantages. So there is no need to worry about side effects. Fruits, vegetables, lean meat, fish, whole grains, legumes. Also, low-fat dairy products are all part of the Mediterranean diet.

Also, the advantages of other healthy diets may outweigh the potential advantages of the paleo diet.

Who should avoid the paleo diet?

Make sure to address any underlying medical conditions with your doctor before beginning the paleo diet. For instance, people with type 1 diabetes or renal issues. Alternatively, people at risk for heart disease shouldn’t adhere to the paleo diet. 

The moment has come to get rid of the foods that are off limits and stock up on the ones that are. Under the assumption that your doctor has given you the go-ahead to try the diet.

How to adapt the paleolithic diet to your way of life

You don’t have to take an all-or-nothing stance if you’re interested in the paleo diet plan. You don’t have to be strictly rigid. Think about adopting some paleo eating habits while avoiding the ones that don’t work for you. Try, for instance, consuming fewer added sugars while increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables. Talk to your doctor or a certified dietitian if you have questions to find out which foods are best for you. 

5 suggestions for paleo food deliveries:


Meal kits from Sunbasket come with a range of breakfast and lunch. In addition, there are many supper choices, which are paleo-friendly. You can also choose any meals from the entire menu to make up your plan.

Every week, you can select 2-4 recipes that each make two or four servings. Some freshly cooked, fully prepared meals can just be heated up, even though the majority of recipes call for some preparation.

The majority of the vegetables used by Sunbasket are organic. The company only buys meat, fish, and poultry from vendors who uphold animal welfare guidelines. Also, they employ a lot of recyclable, reused, or biodegradable packaging.

The Good Kitchen

The business has a large menu with plenty of choices for specialty diet plans. Such as paleo, primal, and the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP).

Compared to the paleo diet, which allows a modest quantity of dairy and legumes, the primal diet is a little less stringent. By limiting potential dietary triggers, the AIP diet is a paleo variant that aims to cut inflammation.

The Good Kitchen employs only grass-fed beef and pasture-raised poultry, pig, lamb, and turkey. In addition, making sure that every meal is free of gluten and sourced responsibly.  All packing materials are also 100 percent recyclable. 


Factor offers chef-designed, fully prepared meals. The company buys its ingredients from reliable vendors. They put quality and sustainability first.

Factor also provides options for vegetarian, ketogenic, low-calorie, high-protein, and low-carb diets. In addition to the paleo diet. Each week, you choose the meals you want to include in your bespoke box, which contains 4–18 meals.

Factor’s website states that some packaging materials, such as food containers and boxes, are recyclable. While other materials can either be reused or thrown away.

Green Chef

A whole paleo-friendly menu is available from Green Chef. In addition, they sell organic meal kits that meet a range of eating styles. Making it among the top meal kits for eating paleo. 

The majority of meals may be prepared in 30 minutes or less. Purchases come with pre-measured materials and a straightforward recipe card with detailed instructions. 

Mojito Chicken, Pecan-Crusted Fish, and Thai Pork Salad are a few options that fit the paleo diet.

Moreover, Green Chef makes use of 100 percent recyclable packaging.

Jet Fuel Meals

JetFuel Meals offers paleo meals as part of our meal plan options. Paleo meal plan is designed to be compliant with the paleo diet, which emphasizes whole foods and avoids processed foods, grains, and dairy.

On the website customers can browse the menu and filter meals by dietary preferences, including paleo, to easily find meals that fit their needs. The paleo meals are made from fresh, high-quality ingredients and are designed to be both healthy and delicious while adhering to the paleo guidelines.

JetFuel Meals’ paleo meals are a convenient option for customers who follow the paleo diet and want to ensure they are getting nutritious, well-balanced meals without having to prepare them themselves.

The bottom line

The hunter-gatherer lifestyle is what the paleo diet is based on, according to theory. The primary tenet of the paleo diet is to stay away from processed meals. To place an emphasis on nutritious, whole foods, albeit there is no one right way to implement it. 

Meat, fish, eggs, seeds, nuts, fruits, and vegetables. Good fats and oils are examples of foods that fit the paleo diet. Steer clear of wheat, sugar, and processed foods.

Additionally, you can incorporate some contemporary healthy items. Such as grass-fed butter and gluten-free cereals into a paleo diet plan.

You might be able to maintain or lose weight on a paleo diet. It might have other beneficial health effects. The advantages and potential hazards of the diet. However, they have not been the subject of lengthy clinical investigations.

If you exercise and consume a well-balanced diet, you might be able to get the same health benefits. As part of a healthy diet, make sure to consume lots of fruits and vegetables.

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