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Keto Diet Meal Plan For Women – Weight Loss Meal Plan

The Keto diet besides being popular is also a subject of much research. Many people decide to follow it because it shows great results. However, female and male bodies respond differently to food and many other conditions.

The keto diet plan for women is a diet that is similar and based on high-fat and low-carb eating just like a regular ketogenic diet. But, male and female bodies have different needs and physiologies. Therefore, you need a plan that will help you lose weight effectively.

A women`s keto meal plan is something that you can enjoy as a woman who decided to follow this low-carb diet. We will provide some tips on how to successfully follow this diet, talk about safety, and health benefits, and give a sample of a meal plan for losing weight.

Is the keto diet plan safe for women and why is it different that the plan for men?

This type of diet is safe for women and it can show great results when you follow it. However, keto macros for women have differences from those for men. Therefore, you will notice that the macronutrient calculator will ask you to fill in your height, weight, level of activity, and gender.

Even though is safe for most people, before you start any diet, it is recommended to consult with your doctor so you can find what is the best for your body. As we previously mentioned, the keto diet can provide many benefits but it is not for some women, such as:

  • Women who have clinically high cortisol levels
  • Pregnant women
  • Women with absent or irregular menstrual cycles
  • Women who are breastfeeding

If you fall into any of these categories, the best for you would be to follow a diet recommended by your doctor, so you can be sure that your meal plan will work to your health benefits.

The reasons why this diet plan can be different for women are:

  • Women can have pre-menstrual stress – their bodies change mentally and physically during a menstrual period which can affect their food choices.
  • They experience menopause – changes in hormonal balance have to be considered when following the keto diet.
  • Breastfeeding and pregnancy – women during this period have specific needs because they also support one more life that is why low-carb meal plans are not recommended and the priority is to have a wide variety of nutrients for the mother and baby.
  • PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome – is a very common condition and it can cause signs and symptoms of hormonal disbalance and weight gain so a low-carb diet has great benefits for this condition.

Health benefits of the keto diet plan for women

There are many good sides of a keto diet plan that women can experience following it, and some of them are:

  1. Improving fertility. Even though research is ongoing on this one, low-carb diets showed that they can improve fertility in some cases. It might be because of reduced insulin levels, possible increase in estrogen, or weight loss.
  • Weight loss, of course. When you limit carbs and keep your insulin levels down, this type of diet results in weight loss. Therefore, if we keep up with the keto diet plan we can have significant and long-term fat loss.
  • Healthy heart. By eating mostly whole foods we can improve cardiovascular health. Additionally, we will control cholesterol levels, and blood pressure and have healthier blood vessels.
  • Control of blood sugar. If you have high blood sugar levels, you can reverse them to normal by following this diet. Some people can even control type two diabetes with a ketogenic diet.
  • Improving mood and energy. Once your body reaches ketosis, the ketones are a great source for fueling your brain. Therefore, your overall brain function will increase. Additionally, a low-carb diet can help improve cognition, mood, and energy in women.
  • It can suppress your appetite. Many people said that following a keto diet decreased their appetite. The reason for this is that food is high in protein, fiber, and fat. It can also have effects on hunger hormones and that is why appetite can be reduced.

However, some females and males can experience some side effects of the keto diet. Therefore, always consult with a nutritionist or dietitian, so you can be sure that this is the right diet for you.

How to start and successfully follow a keto diet plan for women

Starting and following any diet can be tricky, that is why we have some steps that can help you increase your odds of successfully following a keto diet plan for women:

1.   Slowly cut your carbs.

Do not go low-carb fast and at once. Try to start by excluding added sugars and after that all sugars, and finally all high-carb foods. This way you will reduce the harshness of keto flu and the transition will be easier for you.

2.   Hold to whole foods.

Nourishing your body with the best quality food possible is also an important part of the keto diet, not just eating high-fat and low-carb food. To get good results for your health and weight loss, your diet mustn’t consist of processed foods.

3.   Resistance training should be your exercise routine.

This type of training will help you build and maintain your muscle mass. This is important for good health, of course, but you will look more toned and leaner.

4.   Food diary.

When you keep a diary of the food that you eat you will get an accurate picture of what is your intake. This way you will be able to change the things that do not work for you or keep things that do.

Foods to include in your ketogenic plan for women:

  • Chicken
  • Beef
  • Plain greek yogurt
  • Leafy greens (like kale and spinach)
  • Cheese
  • Fish
  • Cruciferous veggies (like cauliflower and cabbage)

High-carb foods should be eliminated when you start a diet and knowing what to avoid will help you follow a diet more successfully.

Foods to avoid when following a ketogenic plan for women:

  • Fruit juice
  • High-carb dairy products (for example, ice cream)
  • Soda
  • Starchy vegetables (like potatoes)
  • High-sugar fruits
  • Legumes (like lentils and beans)
  • Baked foods (like cookies and cake)

7-day meal plan for weight loss for women

Ketogenic meals for women can be flavorful and can include diversity. Even though many ketogenic plans are a variety of vegetarian keto meals that you can choose from.  Here are the ideas for a seven-day meal plan for weight loss for women:


Breakfast – full-fat yogurt and keto granola bar

Lunch – steak bowl with cauliflower rice, herbs, cheese, avocado, and salsa

Dinner – steak with broccoli and cheese


Breakfast – cauliflower with avocado and cheese

Lunch – salmon burgers with pesto sauce

Dinner – zucchini noodles with meatballs and parmesan


Breakfast – chia pudding with coconut milk with walnuts

Lunch – cobb salad with hard-boiled eggs, greens, cheese, avocado, and turkey

Dinner – coconut chicken curry


Breakfast – two fried eggs in butter and sauteed greens

Lunch – burger without buns, with cheese, avocado, mushrooms, and greens

Dinner – pork chops and green beans in olive oil


Breakfast – bell pepper with eggs and cheese

Lunch – salad with turkey and arugula, avocado, blue cheese, and hard-boiled eggs

Dinner – salmon with spinach and sesame oil


Breakfast – omelet with mushrooms

Lunch – tuna, tomato, and celery salad

Dinner – roast chicken, sauteed broccoli, and cream sauce


Breakfast – baked avocado egg boats

Lunch – caesar salad with chicken

Dinner – pork chops and vegetables

If you want to snack between meals so you can stay on track while following a keto diet for weight loss and to moderate hunger, you can try some of these snacks:

  • Kale chips
  • Low-carb veggies guacamole
  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Coconut chips
  • Sliced salami and olives
  • Heavy whipping cream with berries
  • Cheddar cheese and almonds
  • Peppers and celery with cream cheese dip
  • Macadamia nuts

Final word

Different research showed that the keto diet meal plan leads to weight loss and improves blood sugar regulation in many women. Additionally, it leads to better general health and more energy.

However, when you decide to follow this diet, it is important to eat the appropriate number of calories based on your weight loss goal, age, and activity level. If you have any uncertainties, consult with your doctor. Or contact us if you have any questions regarding the keto meal plan delivery.

Start slowly, be patient, and try to choose the way that is right for you, whether that is making your meals by yourself or ordering them. For example, getting keto meals delivered might be a good solution for the begging, at least. Just remember, be determined and persistent and the weight loss will follow.

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