Are prepared meals worth

Are prepared meals worth it?

Some people find cooking meditative and relaxing not to mention the joy we feel when we eat tasty homemade meals. But, not everyone loves blending, cooking, chopping, or other things that go before and after.

In this text, we will present some tips and benefits of prepared meals. No matter if you are more for prepping yourself or buying ready-to-eat meals. Let`s see if prepared meals are worth the effort.

Why should you get prepared meals?

When you buy prepared meals someone else does the cooking and grocery shopping, and you can still eat healthy and homemade meals. Cooking and eating are simpler when your meals are prepared for you. Getting prepared meals can:

  • help you learn the basics of cooking
  • explore new flavors and recipes
  • get exactly what you need without wasting food
  • help you stick with your nutrition goals
  • be healthier than takeout food
  • cut some expenses
  • give you more time to do other things besides cooking

Different types of meal prep services

Meal prep by yourself – You can decide about the recipes, prepare necessary ingredients, chop, prep, and cook them. It is good for those who like cooking, but still, prepare meals throughout the whole week. If you spend some time of the day making these meals, and you don`t mind eating leftovers and reheating, this is a great option for you.

In-house cooking – A nutritionist or chef will come to your house and create different meals customizes for your needs. It is great for those who want a personal approach from a professional with the necessary knowledge to make healthy meals. You will have more control over the ingredients that will be used in your food and the tools used to make it.

Delivery of full meals – You will get a fully cooked and prepared meal. You will only need to reheat it. If it is a salad and it doesn`t need reheating, it is ready to eat. It is good for those who do not like cooking but are okay with reheating.

Meal prep or meal kit delivery – You will receive a delivery of prepped and chopped ingredients that you need to make a full recipe. Cooking instructions will arrive, too, so you will have everything ready to make your meal. It is good for people who want to eat a fresh, hot meal and who are not fans of reheating or leftovers. If you enjoy cooking and don`t have time to prep and chop this option is for you.

What to consider when you want to have prepped meals?

If you are thinking about buying your meals from a meal prep service or getting a meal delivery there are a few things to consider:

Quality ingredients. Make sure that you are getting organic, fresh, sustainable, and local (if that is important to you). If you are not sure about the ingredients always ask. You want to be sure that meals are giving you enough nutrients and keeping you healthy.

Different types of recipes. Find a company that has a sample menu so you can see what meals you can get and enjoy. Check if the menu is changing after one week, two, or monthly. Also, is the menu plan set already or you can choose what you want for that day or week?

Cooking time. What amount of time will you need to cook the meal from beginning to end? Most companies provide straightforward and quick meals. However, if you don`t want to wait to have your lunch or dinner, you will need more pre-cooked meals ready.

Time for prep. Check how much prepping and chopping will you be required to do. Some companies will provide diced, sliced, and ready ingredients. But, some will need you to do light prep work.

Price. It can be pricier if you are ordering meals than when you are cooking by yourself. Calculate what is faster and more efficient for you. We need to count on time spend on getting groceries, gas for going to the store, and time for making prep meals. For sure, it is cheaper than ordering takeout or eating in a restaurant.

Portions. Make sure that the portion sizes are right for you. That said, they need to go well with your diet plan. This is something that you also need to make sure of before you decide to order meal prep delivery.

Dietary requirements. If you have allergies or restrictions, check what company has options for you. You will need to ask about cross-contamination in process of prepping.

Package. Services use a lot of packaging. Meals need to be wrapped and stored separately. The box that all meals arrive in is also there. Check if the packaging has eco-friendly material or plastic. When you prep at home you will use less packaging and your containers.

Commitment. Some companies will require you to commit to a certain number of meals per week. Some will let you order whenever you decide. Maybe you can pause the subscription if you are going away. You don`t want to make a commitment that can become a burden.

Meal prep by yourself

You are the only one who is deciding between a meal delivery service or meal prep by yourself. Choose the one that is better for your family, lifestyle, budget, and health. Maybe a good idea for you would be to try meal prepping before a delivery service, just be sure that you tried both.

If you have a budget limit, meal prep is something that can be very helpful. For a few hours, one day a week you can make your meals for the entire week. And, of course, money for groceries. It is cheaper to get groceries altogether and not buy meals throughout the week.

Even though this might not work for everyone, it is good for our wallets. In addition, you know exactly what you are eating. You decide what ingredient to put in your meals. Eat the food you enjoy and just grab it from the fridge.

The things that you will need to prepare are a shopping list and containers. Plan in advance, so you don`t have to waste your time in the supermarket. Prepare bowls and containers for your prepared meals. Most importantly, enough space in the fridge.

Meal prepping will reward you if you are doing it for health or fitness reasons. You will have portions that will help you stick to your diet. No more temptation of eating out. You will easily keep up with your diet plan.

The great thing about making your meals is that you can make recipes that you like. You will decide what to cook each week. This will help you to organize, learn new things, save time and money, and have fun.

Final thoughts

Getting a meal delivery service or making your meals by yourself is a great investment and the benefits are numerous. It will help you reach your goal. You will have plenty of time for other activities besides cooking. It will reduce the stress of meal planning.

However, you will need more space and a bowl, bottles, and containers to keep your food. But, you will have delicious, healthy meals and that is what matters the most. In conclusion, they are worth it. We hope you agree.

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