Easy weight loss with a keto meal plan

If keto is new to you or you have done it for a while, you probably decided to start it because you wanted to lose weight. Maybe you saw or heard of someone who has reduced their weight using the keto diet. A Keto meal plan is popular because one of the biggest benefits of following a high-fat and low-carb diet is weight loss.

We need to be aware that keto is not a quick fix. That is not something that happens overnight and we need to be patient and determined. It took us a long time to put on some weight, so we will need some time to lose it. 

You should always consult with a professional before you start a new diet plan or make changes in your lifestyle. Here are some tips and tricks for the keto meal plan for weight loss.

How does weight loss work with keto?

This diet plan helps you to increase energy levels and improves lipid status, and blood sugar. It will lead to weight and fat mass loss and reduces waist measurements.

How does weight loss work? How long will it take you to see results? How much can you expect to lose? We are sure that these are the questions that you need answers to.

This diet works because it leads to a natural metabolic change where your body switches to the state of ketosis. It means that your body will start to use fat for fuel instead of glucose. It uses fat that you eat, fat that your body generates (cholesterol), and fat that your body has stored. You are eating fewer calories, most processed food is not in your daily diet, and your diet is balanced and consists of more whole foods. That is why it leads to fat loss, too. When your body enters ketosis it can lead to appetite suppression.

Losing weight depends on your body and your goals. It is all individual, sometimes you might lose 10 pounds sometimes 200. Your age, body fat percentage, height, starting weight, activity level, or existing conditions have an impact on your metabolism and play a big role in your rate of loss. A healthy goal would be to maintain to lose one to three pounds per week.

If you stay at a calorie deficit and stay consistent, for the first month of keto, most people lose around 10 pounds or more. After a month your body adapts to burning fat as fuel. Adaptation can take weeks, so you need to stick with the plan to teach your body to be a fat burner in a difference of a sugar burner. In addition, managing electrolytes is important, too. You will need more sodium, magnesium, and potassium during this time so you can fight symptoms of keto flu

During the first stages of a keto diet, many people will lose weight fast as water loss. You drastically remove carbs from your diet and that is why you lose a lot of water weight. Fewer carbs will cause lover insulin, which allows the kidneys to eliminate surplus sodium. Of course, it is different for everyone.

Tips to lose weight faster

If you are new to this, or if you are on a keto diet plan, but weight loss is not happening, this is what you can do:

Start counting your calories.

Use a keto macro calculator to find out how many calories you need to eat if you want to lose weight.  You need to figure out where those calories should come from. Some of them need to come from carbs, protein, or fat. Follow those numbers for several weeks and see if it works. Plan your meals, or if you are not sure how to do so, the best idea is to get low-calorie meal delivery. It can help you relax a little bit if this is all new to you.

Seek outcome, not ketones.

Don`t think about burning fat all the time. Ketosis does not mean that you are burning body fat, and it’s not something that works for everyone. The important part is the results. Try different things until you find something that helps you reach your weight loss goals. This can sometimes mean that you need to eat carbs to get out of keto. One day a week have a carb refeed day, eat carbs before or after exercising or try different types of keto.

Try intermittent fasting.

A lot of people said that it worked for them. You are not eating for one part of the day, and then you have all your calories in a short time window. Itself, intermittent fasting is a powerful tool for overall health and weight loss. 

Try not to consume sweeteners or dairy.

Eating dairy can cause retaining water and carrying more weight around. It can stop you from reaching your goal. Even if you are lactose tolerant, too many dairy products can make you feel bloated. You don`t have to do this forever, just until the results start happening.  Too many sweeteners may cause inflammation or gastric distress and also lead you to crave sugary foods.


When we work out we burn more fat. Exercising helps burn glucose faster and helps you get into ketosis and stay there, which results in weight loss. If you are not sure how to start, try daily walks or jogging, or workout classes. You can also hire a professional coach. A coach will see your blind spots and help you stay on track. They will have a plan for you and help you get the results you want. Find someone who has a degree in Dietetics or Nutrition, or who is a registered dietician. A coach who knows what it is like to struggle with losing weight and who has already helped others.

Don`t eat between meals.

Snacking is not a friend of those who wants to lose weight. Most keto snack foods are caloric, like cheese or nuts. Meals are already high-fat and snacking can only add calories. Try to have three or two meals a day and don`t eat anything between them.

Drink a lot of water.

This is a big deal. If you drink enough water you will easily see the difference between real hunger and cravings, you will remove toxins and decrease appetite. Before you eat, drink water.

Be sure that you are eating enough salt.

When you are on keto your body retains water differently, so sodium and other electrolytes get out of your body quickly. You also need sodium and potassium. Vitamin C is also important.

Keep it simple.

Don`t stress and plan every step. You don`t want to overwhelm yourself because it will seem harder than it is. Complicated meals will seem too hard at the beginning. Get into ketosis using a simple keto diet plan. Give your body time to adapt.

Carefully read labels.

Sometimes it seems that food is keto-friendly, but we need to check carefully. In some products, there is starch or carbs that we are not counting and that can prevent us from getting into ketosis.

Try these things mentioned above and keep track of fat loss for a few weeks. They should lead to weight loss. If you are not seeing results after one or two months, maybe keto is not the right choice for your body and you can find something else that works better for you.


The main thing about making your keto meal plan for weight loss is to have a calorie deficit. As the change happens you can strengthen and shape your body by exercising, too.  The change will not happen fast and you may not see the results right away. It is different for everyone, so listen to your body, and encourage yourself. We are here for all your concerns. It is easier when you have someone to answer all your questions. 

Commit to the process and you will see the changes you wish. 

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