Plant-based prepared meal delivery for vegetarian

Plant-based prepared meal delivery for vegetarian (fast and delicious)

The focus of a plant-based diet is on mostly plant-based foods. This includes legumes, whole grains, nuts, beans, seeds, and oils. Also fruits and vegetables. It does not indicate that you are a vegetarian or vegan when abstaining from all animal products. Instead, you are choosing to consume more foods that come from plant sources.

It might be difficult to lead a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. Finding the correct food options for your dietary requirements can be challenging It can be much more challenging for time-crunched professionals who don’t have much time to prepare meals or cook.  Even if one of the biggest trends in recent years has been meal delivery, following a plant-based diet can make you feel excluded. Yet, for those who live without meat, there are many excellent meal delivery options. 

Do meal kits for vegetarians and vegans exist?

For plant-based meal kits, you have a variety of choices. Due to the fact that Purple Carrot is a fully specialized vegan meal-kit service. None of its recipes contain any animal products or byproducts. There are many vegan or plant-based recipes, meals, and snacks available. All along with the majority of other meal kits and meal delivery services.

For example, Green Chef offers up to nine organic recipes for vegetarian or vegan meals each week. That’s in addition to the meat-based meat choices. Sunbasket provides three to four vegetarian or vegan meals every week. Along with a full market of vegan-friendly groceries and snacks you may add to your weekly order. While HelloFresh offers about six plant-based alternatives per week.

What about prepared meal deliveries for a plant-based diet?

The same goes for meal delivery services that don’t even involve cooking. Veestro, Mosaic Foods, Splendid Spoon, and Daily Harvest are a few exclusively vegan meal delivery services. Some companies that offer meat-based meals   offer vegan and vegetarian plans. Each week, there are up to 12 plant-based variations to keep you well-fed (like Fresh N Lean and Freshly). Several of these vegan meal delivery services send frozen meals. Some will bring fresh meals packaged with recyclable coolers and eco-friendly ice packs.

Best delivery services for plant-based diet

The following is a listing of the best vegan and vegetarian food delivery services:

JetFuel Meals

JetFuel Meals offers a fantastic selection of pre-made vegetarian and vegan meals starting at just $8 per serving. Their menu includes a wide variety of plant-based protein options such as tofu, lentils, and other meat substitutes.

To order from JetFuel Meals, you can select the meals you want, with a minimum order of $50. You can then choose between weekly or bi-weekly delivery options, and you can easily modify or cancel your subscription at any time.

In addition to their regular meal options, JetFuel also offers “Family Meals,” which serve four people and are perfect for busy families looking for a quick and healthy vegetarian or vegan dinner option. Some of their most popular family meal options include vegan chili, tofu stir-fry, and lentil soup.

JetFuel Meals provides over 50 vegetarian and vegan meal options each week, with the majority of meals priced between $10-$12. They are committed to providing nutritious and delicious meals that cater to different dietary needs and preferences.

JetFuel Meals is available in most major areas across the Western and Eastern United States. With their affordable prices, diverse menu, and flexible delivery options, JetFuel Meals is an excellent choice for anyone looking to enjoy healthy, plant-based meals without sacrificing taste or convenience.

Mosaic Foods

With plans starting at $5 per serving, Mosaic Foods is one of the least expensive vegan meal services. To create satisfying meals, Mosaic combines diverse flavors with inventive meat substitutes. Including jackfruit, tofu, and vegan sausages. With at least an order of $70, all you have to do is pick the meals you want (about eight meals). After that, you can choose between weekly or monthly delivery. You can modify the meals, stop your subscription, or end it at any time. 

Moreover, Mosaic recently introduced $20 each, family dinners designed to feed four people. Popular meals like veggie pot pie, sweet potato chili bake, and BBQ lentil “meat” loaf are among them.

Weekly vegetarian and vegan meals: 50

The majority of meals are $9 or $10, while soups are $8 and cereal bowls are $6. 

Pricing – Starting at $10/meal

Type – Pre-made

Regional Availability  – Most major areas in the Western and Eastern United States

Weekly number of meal options – 50+

Menu Options/ Diet Types – Plant-based, vegetarian, vegan

Purple Carrot

The only 100% plant-based meal kit provider is Purple Carrot. This vegan food delivery alternative also takes its recipes very seriously. The core vegan tenet of Purple Carrot is to not substitute plant-based foods for other foods. Simply put, they prepare scrumptious and wholesome vegan meals the old-fashioned manner. With fresh produce, grains, legumes, and other full foods.

You can discover a lot of lentils, mushrooms, grains, and healthy food in Purple Carrot’s meals.

Purple Carrot has some unique sauces and condiments that are excellent for a vegan diet. Like nut-based “dairy” products like cashew cream.

Weekly possibilities for vegan meal kits: 8 

Depending on how many servings you get for each meal, Purple Carrot vegan meal kits cost roughly $13 per dish. For two people, it will cost roughly $80 for a package of three plant-based meals per week. New users receive a first-week discount, reducing their first-week cost to $59 instead. 

Pricing – Starting at $11/serving

Type – Meal kit, pre-made

Regional Availability – Continental United States

Weekly number of meal options – Around 8 to 10

Menu Options/ Diet Types – 100% plant-based


The most vegan recipes that will appeal to bigger groups are available on HelloFresh. You can find a ton of plant-based “cheat meals” on HelloFresh. Because it isn’t constrained by vegan regulations. Examples include cheesy bean enchiladas, hot honey brussels sprouts, ricotta flatbread. Also plenty of pasta meals.

There are a ton of non-vegetarian meal kits available on HelloFresh as well. This is a great option if you still enjoy the occasional steak with peppercorn sauce. Or Thai coconut chicken curry.

One of the market’s least expensive, most adaptable, meal kit services is HelloFresh. The meal kits from HelloFresh for vegetarians were among the simplest to make.

Weekly possibilities for vegetarian meal kits: 6

HelloFresh costs $7 per serving for two meals each week, plus $10 for shipping each box. About $82 per week, including delivery, would  need to pay a family of four, to receive food for three nights. Users may get a mystery deal while visiting the website for the first time on their first delivery.

Pricing – Starting at $8/serving

Type – Meal Kit

Regional Availability – Continental United States, Europe, Japan, Canada, Australia, New Zealand

Weekly number of meal options – 30+

Menu Options/ Diet Types – Family-friendly, healthy and wholesome, quick and simple, pescatarian, low carb, low calorie, meat, and vegetables

Green Chef

With a focus on organic vegetables, Green Chef markets itself as being among the healthiest meal kit companies. It offers nine vegetarian meal packages each week. This makes a good option whether you want to reduce your meat consumption or eliminate it entirely.

Green Chef is a strong competitor for the top vegetarian meal kit service. bIt provides more vegetarian meal kits each week than Purple Carrot. In particular, if you value diversity and prefer organic food. Vegetarian meals from Green Chef include a lot of chickpeas, cauliflower, and lentils. 

Weekly vegan options: 9

Price: Each serving in Green Chef’s vegetarian meal plan costs $13. Plus each box’s flat-rate delivery fee of $10. Due to the plenty of organic ingredients, it is one of the more expensive meal kits on the market.

Pricing – Starting at $12/serving

Type – Meal kit

Regional Availability – Continental United States

Weekly number of meal options – 30

Menu Options/ Diet Types – Fast and fit, Mediterranean, vegan, gluten-free, keto and paleo, and vegetarian


One of the most powerful things you can do is to improve your health is to adopt a plant-based diet. In this way, you will increase your energy levels and prevent chronic disease. It can even help in cancer treatments. A takeout service is your best bet if you want to improve your plant-based cooking techniques. You can even learn new vegan or vegetarian recipes.

Prepared meals are another option that couldn’t be simpler. These services deliver freshly prepared customized meals to your door. Often they come packaged in coolers and frozen for consumption or later. It usually doesn’t need cooking, so you get all the benefits of a plant-based diet without any work.

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