What is the best meal plan for keto?

If you are a part of the discussion about weight loss or dieting, there are big chances that you will hear about the ketogenic or keto diet. Among people who are trying to improve their health or lose weight, the keto diet has become one of the popular ways to do so. 

The primary reason why people start keto is that in most cases can be an effective and easy way to lose weight. If you are interested in starting keto, you are probably wondering which meal plan is the best for you. That depends on your activity level, health history, and your goals. 

There are different studies and opinions about the best keto meal plan. In this text, you can find some general information that might help you choose the best one for you.

The most popular types of a ketogenic diet

Strict keto diet 

When someone says that they are on the strict version of keto, usually they talk about the version that`s been shown to help treat epilepsy. This strict keto is also called the therapeutic keto diet.  It is the original keto, created in the 1920s to treat seizures. It can also help those who were non-responsive to the medication.

Sticking to the keto diet for at least one year can lead to improvements. Almost half of the study participants had great results. Twelve percent became seizure-free. This is something that the study published in June 2016 in practical neurology showed.

This type of keto diet allows you to take the lowest amount of carbs (that is why it’s the strictest). According to the study, 90 percent of daily calories come from fat, 6 percent from protein, and 4 percent from carbs.

This strict version of keto is, of course, the toughest one to stick to. It is easier to keep up with keto when you use a changed version that is a little bit less strict.

The standard keto diet

This is the most common version of the keto diet. It involves getting 75 percent of calories from fat, 20 percent from protein, and 5 percent from carbs. Carbs are limited to twenty or thirty grams per day. It is essential to know that this keto diet is one that many people follow. Even though, it is not the original version of keto. It is a perfect diet for people who are looking for weight loss and other health benefits. 

We need to mention that you want to follow this version of keto, as for every other change in your diet, you should first consult with your doctor so you can be sure that it is the right diet for you.

Mediterranean keto diet

This keto diet might be the healthiest for your heart. You should follow standard keto macro amounts and have Mediterranean diet parts like fish and olive oil. The important part is the quality of the fats that you eat. Fatty acids and omega-3s lower cholesterol and have lots of benefits to our health. If you are a fan of salmon or sardines this is a good keto choice for you. You should rest after a meal, get regular exercise and you will get truly Mediterranean.

Keto cycling 

This type of keto diet can help you stick to your diet plan easily. In this meal plan, you will follow the diet for 5 days and then have one or two days with more carbs. You should still be careful so your body will be able to return to ketosis. It is a good type of diet for people who want to take a break and who have difficulties staying on keto.

Keto is for athletes who are looking to improve their performance

This is also called the targeted keto diet. It is usually for athletes because you have your meals until 30 to 45 minutes before exercise and then eat about 25 g of carbs. You do it this way because you have enough carbs for your workout and you can still return to ketosis after you are done. You should choose easy-to-digest carbs so you can be sure that you didn`t add calories to your daily total amount. 

Some studies showed that 28 days of a keto diet helped athletes to improve their performance. But it is also mentioned that diet’s benefits were seen in short-duration and that results were not consistent, so that can be the reason that some athletes decide that it is not the best choice for them. This diet plan goes well with people who do muscle-building workouts, swim, run, and play tennis.

A high-protein keto diet 

This type of keto might be the best for bodybuilders. It requires you to increase your protein daily intake. Protein should replace thirty percent of calories. You can get protein from meat, fish, dairy, nuts, and seeds. This diet is a good choice for those who want to protect their muscle mass. You should also be careful not to increase your protein intake too much. Proteins will not get you out of ketosis but they can lower the level of ketones in your blood. This version of the diet has the same weight loss benefits as the standard keto diet.

Dirty keto

This diet type is a standard diet with an expanded menu. The source of macros in this diet is not important. The important part is that macronutrient amounts support the ketogenic state. This way of keto is for people who don`t have time for meal prep or cooking. It is also the easiest diet to follow if you are a beginner, travel a lot, or have a busy schedule. You can just read the label on the package and don`t have to worry about meal planning. The reason to be careful is that some food, even though it sounds keto, might have additives. 

Clean keto diet

It is the opposite of a dirty keto diet. Requires you to eat organic food. Based on finding the healthiest versions of ingredients. Organic, pasture-raised, cold-pressed, and grass-fed are the words that you are looking for. This diet may need more financial investment because these foods are usually pricier than other products.

Keto 2.0 

This keto is a type of standard diet but with a lower intake of fats. If you think that the standard keto diet is too difficult you can try this version. Fat is decreased, but carbs and protein are increased. You can eat a variety of fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and beans. If you are looking for weight loss you need to be careful with your calories. A good diet for weight loss is followed long-term. Some people would say that is not keto, because if you have a higher carb intake you will have difficulties staying in ketosis.

Lazy keto diet 

This is probably the easiest version. It is the easiest to follow because you only track carbs, you are not counting calories. You will see results if you keep your carbs low enough and don`t eat too many proteins. This is a good meal plan for those who are interested in ketosis but do not want to count calories, protein, or fat.

The final word

These were some ideas of meal plans that you can choose from. If you are not sure which keto version is for you, the best way to choose one is to talk to your dietitian. This is something that you should do every time you plan to change your diet. We would suggest you listen to your body and the way that a certain type of diet makes you feel. For all the questions you might have, you can always contact us. 

Keep in mind that sticking to one diet type long-term will bring results. Good luck!

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